Aluminum honeycomb panel

basic information

The aluminum honeycomb panel is composed of aluminum honeycomb sandwich in the middle and aluminum plates on the upper and lower surfaces.
The surface aluminum sheet is thin and strong, which is the main force bearing part of the product. Honeycomb sandwiches are thick and light and serve to support and connect the panels. Reinforced aluminum frame is placed around the honeycomb core. Between the panel and the honeycomb core and the reinforcement beam is glued together with polymer glue.
Surface aluminum plate is generally 3003-H24, common thickness is 1mm. Honeycomb sandwich generally uses 3003-H18, aluminum foil common thickness is 0.04-0.06mm.


Product parameters:


Plane compression strength

≥1.5MPa,According to GB/T1453

Plane shear strength

≥1.5MPa,According to GB/T1455

Plane stretch strength

≥3.5MPa,According to GB/T1455

Drum peel strength

≥23MPa,According to GB/T1457

Impact resistance

≥4级,According to ISO4211-4


On a
HPL paper faced honeycomb board